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There’s Just Something About Breastfeeding

something-about-breastfeedingEverybody loves a hero. This bit of news is all about an awesome hero. So if you want to take a break and hear some good news, take a look at this news bit.

A Chinese police officer by the name of Jiang Xiaojuan, got a lot of attention for her good deeds. According to news, this kind-hearted police officer shared her milk with other infants who had been orphaned by the devastating 7.9 earthquake that struck China. Although the this news came out a couple of years ago, it’s still news for me since I also shared my milk with other infants.
It’s not all the time you hear of a police officer sharing her milk with infants other than her own. At that time, Jiang Xiaojuan was a 29-year-old officer with a six-year-old son. At one point, she was breastfeeding 9 babies. I think that’s just totally awesome.

This just proves that once you are a mom, you will never cease to be one. According to her, she not only responded to call of duty but to her very own instinct as a mom.

You might think that the bit of news isn’t an attachment parenting topic, but for me, it is. As an attached mom, I feel strongly about breastfeeding. I am all for it and seeing that other moms believe in it as well just inspires me even more to take a stand on it.

The earthquake that struck caused many families to be torn apart in so many terrible ways. To see a woman step up and help children who were separated or orphaned from their mothers is a heroic act we should all applaud.

I do not want to turn this into another formula verses breastfeeding fight. There are hundreds of infants still starving from lack of food, whether that food is breast milk or formula. In the horrors of the quake many mothers have been able to feed their children themselves or been able to obtain clean water and proper formula. That another mother would step in and do something so amazing should be above all of that.

In any way you look at it, I think this bit of refreshing news is really worth sharing. It’s truly inspiring and I’m sure some moms out there are seriously considering doing the same thing, share their milk.

Well, a mom doesn’t have to be a police officer to be able to do such a heroic act. Any mom can share her milk with other infants.

Breastfeeding moms can also become heroes by donating their milk to milk banks. These kinds of banks collect and store breast milk for babies who cannot be breastfed for a variety of reasons. There are milk banks in many countries across the world that help care for children by connecting nursing mothers to babies in need.

Some hospitals in China have milk banks already set up to collect milk donations. Spreading the word about the ability to help other babies in need is a great way to help other children. Donating milk to your local banks can help a lot of children who are unable to have the benefits of breast milk.

On the lighter side, did you know that the Motherwear Blog has a great list up of breastfeeding freebies? This is good news to all nursing moms out there. There is no doubt that everything on the list consists of every important item nursing moms would love to have.

Everything from free videos and posters, to books for kids, and a great recipe for cookies that helps increase lactation. It’s a great excuse to curl up with your baby and munch on a plate of cookies. Breastfeeding is hard work so it’s nice to get some free goodies for it.

Especially when you are nursing a toddler! It is often called the Nursing Olympics, the special brand of nursing when your toddler is hanging over your shoulder, upside down, while trying to eat cookies and pulling your hair.

Every mom still nursing her older child knows all about that phase. They are too big to be happy staying still but too little to understand why mommy needs them to stop trying to run through the house with your nipple in their mouth. Ouch!

Though one of the perks is getting to watch your toddler mimic you in cute ways. I have pictures of both of my sons as toddler nursing their baby dolls. Though their baby dolls never gave them the fun of trying to nurse a child doing loops in their lap.

As my youngest is going on 2 (in six days) and still breastfeeding daily, I’m happy to be mostly past the squirming and flipping phase. He still has his moments of thinking whether he needs to nurse. I don’t know how long this is going to last, right now as long as he wants, but as long as there are some fun freebies I’m still game.

I really think that breast feeding does something incredible to moms. This is not to say that we are any special than the rest but the thought of sharing a part of us to feed the little ones is just so humbling. For me, it just gives me a different perspective on this so called chaotic life.

For any mom who has breast fed her little one, she knows exactly what sharing and the sacrifice mean. Suffice to say, the most in depth definition of the two words would probably come from moms who have breast fed her little ones.

Just take a look at the Chinese police officer who unquestionably and willingly shared her milk with other infants. She definitely understands what it means to be a mom. In my own opinion, there’s just something about breastfeeding that attaches a mom to any infant in need.


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    March 9, 2017

    I don’t think we need to wait for a milk bank to be set up just to help other moms. Nowadays, there are easy ways to donate milk. We can just go online to find moms who need milk. The internet can help us connect to the right groups for the sole purpose of sharing milk.

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    Harriette w.

    December 21, 2016

    I think every mom should breastfeed their baby. Sure, it’s a choice but for all practical reasons, it should be done. I am all for it. The only thing that gets me is that some moms just do it anywhere. Again, I think it’s very natural to breastfeed babies but there should really be a more acceptable way to do it in public. That’s just how I feel.

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    December 3, 2016

    Yes, I agree with you. Once a mom, always a mom. It’s instinct. You become the most caring individual most especially when there’s an adorable, little one right in front of you. That mother instinct never goes away.

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    November 18, 2016

    Thanks for sharing some resources on undisturbed birth. I have to be honest. I had no idea what undisturbed birth was up until now. I think it’s really interesting. 🙂

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    November 17, 2016

    This is a touching story. That police officer really has a heart of gold for sharing her milk. Just like you, I’m all for breastfeeding as well. I also breastfeed my kids. I really don’t intend to stop in the near future.

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