Terms and Conditions

This is a parent friendly website. Parents and guardians are all invited here on rootsandwingslibrary.com.

Either you make use of the information or share your valuable thoughts and insights here on our website, you need to comply strictly with the following Terms and Conditions listed below. Please take some time to read and to understand how you can be a valuable visitor of our site.

Let’s Be Partners

Parenting is the most challenging job in the world. That’s why parents need all the support that they can get.

Here at rootsandwingslibrary.com we aim to provide the support parents need. We can do that in the best way possible by partnering with other parents out there. So please keep in mind that each time you visit here, you are a valuable partner.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t agree to what we are imparting here; just leave this website silently. You are not, in any way, compelled to stay here.
When it comes to parenting, there is no generic template for it. So what we find effective here; may not be effective on your part as a parent. We will respect that as long as you do the same thing.

Responsible Sharing

Should you feel the need to share some of our articles with other websites, do it responsibly. Let’s us know where you will be posting our articles. Drop us a message and we will get back to you soon.

Keep in mind that rootsandwingslibrary.com reserves the right to control and to limit the sharing of articles with other websites.

Respectful Exchange Of Thoughts And Comments

As partners, you are most welcome to share your thoughts and comments here on rootsandwingslibrary.com. Let it be known that all thoughts and comments should be aligned with parenting. After all, that’s exactly what this website is all about. So just make sure to stay within the topic.

Comments and thoughts that have nothing to do with parenting will not be entertained here. Derogatory remarks directed at a person, group of people, or company will not be tolerated. Please see Privacy Policy for more information on handling of personal information.

Watch Out For Updates

Updates and changes on our Terms And Conditions will be posted on this page. Under no circumstance will we be sending you any kind of notification regarding the changes in our Terms And Conditions. So watch out for updates and changes posted here.