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There’s Just Something About Breastfeeding

something-about-breastfeedingEverybody loves a hero. This bit of news is all about an awesome hero. So if you want to take a break and hear some good news, take a look at this news bit.

A Chinese police officer by the name of Jiang Xiaojuan, got a lot of attention for her good deeds. According to news, this kind-hearted police officer shared her milk with other infants who had been orphaned by the devastating 7.9 earthquake that struck China. Although the this news came out a couple of years ago, it’s still news for me since I also shared my milk with other infants.
It’s not all the time you hear of a police officer sharing her milk with infants other than her own. At that time, Jiang Xiaojuan was a 29-year-old officer with a six-year-old son. At one point, she was breastfeeding 9 babies. I think that’s just totally awesome.

This just proves that once you are a mom, you will never cease to be one. According to her, she not only responded to call of duty but to her very own instinct as a mom.

You might think that the bit of news isn’t an attachment parenting topic, but for me, it is. As an attached mom, I feel strongly about breastfeeding. I am all for it and seeing that other moms believe in it as well just inspires me even more to take a stand on it.

The earthquake that struck caused many families to be torn apart in so many terrible ways. To see a woman step up and help children who were separated or orphaned from their mothers is a heroic act we should all applaud.

I do not want to turn this into another formula verses breastfeeding fight. There are hundreds of infants still starving from lack of food, whether that food is breast milk or formula. In the horrors of the quake many mothers have been able to feed their children themselves or been able to obtain clean water and proper formula. That another mother would step in and do something so amazing should be above all of that.

In any way you look at it, I think this bit of refreshing news is really worth sharing. It’s truly inspiring and I’m sure some moms out there are seriously considering doing the same thing, share their milk.

Well, a mom doesn’t have to be a police officer to be able to do such a heroic act. Any mom can share her milk with other infants.

Breastfeeding moms can also become heroes by donating their milk to milk banks. These kinds of banks collect and store breast milk for babies who cannot be breastfed for a variety of reasons. There are milk banks in many countries across the world that help care for children by connecting nursing mothers to babies in need.

Some hospitals in China have milk banks already set up to collect milk donations. Spreading the word about the ability to help other babies in need is a great way to help other children. Donating milk to your local banks can help a lot of children who are unable to have the benefits of breast milk.

On the lighter side, did you know that the Motherwear Blog has a great list up of breastfeeding freebies? This is good news to all nursing moms out there. There is no doubt that everything on the list consists of every important item nursing moms would love to have.

Everything from free videos and posters, to books for kids, and a great recipe for cookies that helps increase lactation. It’s a great excuse to curl up with your baby and munch on a plate of cookies. Breastfeeding is hard work so it’s nice to get some free goodies for it.

Especially when you are nursing a toddler! It is often called the Nursing Olympics, the special brand of nursing when your toddler is hanging over your shoulder, upside down, while trying to eat cookies and pulling your hair.

Every mom still nursing her older child knows all about that phase. They are too big to be happy staying still but too little to understand why mommy needs them to stop trying to run through the house with your nipple in their mouth. Ouch!

Though one of the perks is getting to watch your toddler mimic you in cute ways. I have pictures of both of my sons as toddler nursing their baby dolls. Though their baby dolls never gave them the fun of trying to nurse a child doing loops in their lap.

As my youngest is going on 2 (in six days) and still breastfeeding daily, I’m happy to be mostly past the squirming and flipping phase. He still has his moments of thinking whether he needs to nurse. I don’t know how long this is going to last, right now as long as he wants, but as long as there are some fun freebies I’m still game.

I really think that breast feeding does something incredible to moms. This is not to say that we are any special than the rest but the thought of sharing a part of us to feed the little ones is just so humbling. For me, it just gives me a different perspective on this so called chaotic life.

For any mom who has breast fed her little one, she knows exactly what sharing and the sacrifice mean. Suffice to say, the most in depth definition of the two words would probably come from moms who have breast fed her little ones.

Just take a look at the Chinese police officer who unquestionably and willingly shared her milk with other infants. She definitely understands what it means to be a mom. In my own opinion, there’s just something about breastfeeding that attaches a mom to any infant in need.

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Baby Slings Are Rocking

baby-slings-baby-momThe great thing about technology these days is that it makes everything a lot easier for moms like me. I love to read. I get hold of books and magazines when the kids give me enough space to be by myself.

When I was pregnant, I had spent so much time reading and reading about babies and being a mommy. I have to admit it. I love to read. I actually spend so much time reading that sometimes I skimp on sleep just to get hold of the latest parenting magazine or book.

I am not complaining though. As an attached mom, I make sure to read up on different parenting styles so that I am aware of a lot of things. As much as possible, I want to keep an open mind on a lot of things about motherhood.

With technology, it’s so easy for me to get hold of digital magazines right on my smart phone. I just love online magazines that focus on gentle, respectful parenting.

I am entertained at the same time; I am in the loop of things. As an attached mom, I find it very crucial to be in the know at all times.

One of the things that I have picked up from my daily habit of reading is how to make a baby sling. For some of you out there, you might think I’m crazy for even considering such a thing. I thought so too at the start. However when I read about it more and more, I realized it was best way to be stay attached to my baby, literally speaking that is.

I know the first thing that’s going to come to mind is safety. I understand that totally. I felt the same way as well. Why should I, or anyone for that matter, settle for a piece of cloth to secure my baby in when there are baby carriers that are a lot safer?

Believe me, I was really opting for a factory made baby carrier. I never even considered the sling. I just didn’t trust myself tying all those knots to keep my baby safe and secure. Then I learned more about it and gradually my feelings changed. For one thing, you can actually make a baby sling without having to tie any kind of knot.

Here’s a video that can help you keep an open mind about a baby sling. It not only teaches you how to tie a sling it actually teaches you how to make a sling out of old stretchy tee shirts. It’s quite radical but it’s, nonetheless, very interesting. If you think about it is pretty practical. Watch the video and keep an open mind about it. It really wouldn’t hurt.

So this is a really quick DIY baby carrier. What you need are a couple of stretchy t-shirts that you’re willing to cut and say good-bye to. A belly band from your pregnancy …

Yes, this baby sling is actually upcycled from old t-shirts. Before you panic, take a good look at how it’s made.

What you’re going to do is really simple. Take your t-shirt and you’re just gong to cut a straight line from underarm to underarm. Cut the neckline out of it completely and you should end up with a tube.

So with three stretchy tees, go on and cut them up now exactly the way it was described in the video. The good thing about this DIY is there’s no need to measure anything. Just lay the stretchy shirts flat down and cut each shirt from one underarm to another.

You will end with three pieces of tubes after you have cut each shirt. Now comes the fun part.

We’re going to put them on like a baby sash. I’ve got the hem closest to the top of my body that’s why it won’t get twisted and all.

Then you put on the other stretchy tube next on your other shoulder. At this point, you have you have two stretchy tubes on both shoulders forming an X in the middle of your body. Make sure the hem is on top again as to prevent the tube from twisting.

Now if you’re wondering where to put the third stretchy tube, well, it goes on your belly area. You put on as if you’re wearing a shirt; pulling it over your head and making sure it lands on your belly area.

So you have two stretchy tubes on each shoulder, forming an X on both your front and back. Then the third stretchy tube goes right on your belly area. At this point, your baby sling is all done.

Pick your baby up and sit them in the cross.

It’s important to secure baby. So spread out the tubes to support the back of your baby. Your baby gets the support from X formation of the tubes. Hence, it’s important that you spread out the stretchy tubes.

The third layer of support covers the bum bum area of the baby, securing the baby from the gap of the X formation. This final layer covers the baby’s back.

The great thing about this DIY stretchy sling is that the baby can easily gain access to mom’s milk without having to expose the breast. Of course, this particular stretchy sling is not recommended for long periods of time but it looks really fun to make it.

I really loved having a sling to carry my second son around in. I loved it so much that I learned how to make my own so that I could have a few different color options without buying a new one.

I even made a cute sling for a friend as her baby shower gift. A thick (she lived in the north), reversible sling that had soft pink roses on one side and vines on the other.

Making a sling can be really easy and inexpensive if you are decent at sewing. Even a beginner can pick up on the simple steps easily. Grab a few old sheets to practice with until you get it right.

Rixa of The True Face of Birth just shared the most beautiful and easy looking pattern to make a great pleated ring sling. She really took the time to lay out the steps for you one by one so that you won’t have to worry about what you do next.

And once you go over to check out the tutorial, be sure to hang out and read some more of her great posts. The birth junkies will definitely enjoy her posts on childbirth and a woman’s options. It is a topic I have seen with a lot of discussion lately, and I hope will soon be overturned.

So, head over to Rixa’s, enjoy the sling tutorial, and get a little educated on childbirth. It’s a great start to the week.

So you have more than enough ways and means to make your very own baby sling. Go ahead now, make your very own baby sling and enjoy having your baby next to you.


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Resources For Undisturbed Birth

If you have not read the book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Dr. Sarah J. Buckley, well it’s high time you should. The birth junkies out there will most likely love this one.

If you are wondering who Dr. Sarah J. Buckley is, get to know her through this video. Learn more about her background and her advocacy.

Sarah takes an evolutionary perspective towards child birth. She advocates for what she calls an undisturbed birth and it’s almost always healthier and safer than a high technology approach to birth.

Here’s a bird’s eye view on the background of Dr. Sarah J, Buckley.

Well, childbirth has been a little bit half my background. My grandfather was … a family physician. My father was actually an obstetrician, back home in New Zealand. So it was always around me and I was always kind of interested. Then I did my training as a family physician obstetrician, GP obstetrician, we say over here. That involved working in hospitals, supporting women, catching babies. What I’ve noticed was that the list of disturbance there was around, like it at night time for example, the easier whole process was and the happier the mom and the baby were and the more disturbance there was and the more inventions the more difficult the whole thing was. The moms and babies just didn’t have that beautiful growth that I have seen in other circumstances. When I was privileged to support a couple of friends having their babies at home. I have to add that my husband’s sister is a home midwifery wife as well. So there were lots of positive role models I guess you could say. Things I could look at and say, “Yeah, that’s what I want to become of my baby. So we chose to have our first baby at home and …subsequently, our four babies were born at home.

She adds that the scientific world really supports undisturbed birth.

If we get out of the way, the whole …orchestration flow for the vast majority of moms and babies that’s healthier, safer, easier, and more sufficient; not just for labor and birth but also with breastfeeding and attachment because it’s the same hormones that make birth safe and easy as possible, efficient as they say; that also optimize the beginning of breastfeeding and they’re the life hormones. They’re the hormones that make mom and baby or anyone else in the room actually fall in love with each other in those moments after birth. That’s how Mother Nature designed it.

Sarah’s book, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, depicts how hormones change in expecting parents. All the while it had always seemed like it was just the mom who was undergoing some major hormonal changes in pregnancy.

Sarah’s book gives a new spin by including the hormonal changes in the father as well. The book digs into the science of the hormonal changes of expecting parents.

I think we have imbibed medicine in that process of childbirth and medicine is really good at finding things that are wrong and fixing them. That’s the thing; we have gone down the medicalized pathway. As you say, it has really taken the joy out of pregnancy and that’s a …key point because pregnancy is designed to be a joyful experience with all these hormones that start to build up even from the earliest weeks. There are hormones of pleasure and reward and love and connection; definitely should be experiencing in pregnancy with our babies. Then we enter the system …that doesn’t recognize the most important hormonal dimensions of child bearing …and that brings in a whole lot of tests and procedures …

She adds;

It’s really about the normalcy of pregnancy, labor, and birth and keeping it as a normal physiological process …

Sarah sure has a lot of interesting points to share and considering her medical background; she’s one credible resource for undisturbed birth. Her book is one that you should add to your personal library. To read a more in depth review about it, click over to Tiny Grass.

Aside from her book, Sarah also has a two-DVD Childbirth Professional Workshop Series. Here’s what she has to say about her series of workshops on DVD.

I would like to introduce to you my new DVD called Undisturbed Birth …It’s really a great exposition of my work around the hormones of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

This series of workshops covers everything you want to know about undisturbed birth and it’s the perfect resource for attachment parenting.

So we explore the hormonal impact. We explore the physiology. We explore what it actually means for mothers and babies in terms of safety, ease, and pleasure. In terms of, not just birth, but also breastfeeding and attachment.

She adds that a lot of her best work goes into the two-DVD workshop series. There’s no doubt that Dr. Sarah Buckley is a credible resource person for unassisted or undisturbed birth.

There’s so much to learn about unassisted or undisturbed birth. Unfortunately, there’s just not much information about it and for some folks who are interested in it, they don’t know where to go. I hope I am able to impart some useful information that can give some folks out there a more meaningful look at this process of childbirth.

Personally, I believe that the connection between parent and child is the most important thing and it should be established right at the beginning, specifically from conception of the baby. Unassisted or undisturbed birth supports, if not, strengthens the connection between parent and child. The relationship grows through mutual love and respect. With gentle, hands-on parenting, we can give our children the necessary roots to help them sprout.

That’s the reason why I am sharing with you great resources like Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering. I am pretty sure that there are moms out there who are also interested in unassisted or undisturbed birth.

It might be that they just don’t have the right information about this wholistic process of childbirth. Well, there’s nothing to worry about because the book is really worth the time. Sarah has a lot of interesting points to share.

Parents have valuable knowledge and experiences all worth sharing. For me, the book and the DVD workshop series are really worth sharing.