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Baby Slings Are Rocking

baby-slings-baby-momThe great thing about technology these days is that it makes everything a lot easier for moms like me. I love to read. I get hold of books and magazines when the kids give me enough space to be by myself.

When I was pregnant, I had spent so much time reading and reading about babies and being a mommy. I have to admit it. I love to read. I actually spend so much time reading that sometimes I skimp on sleep just to get hold of the latest parenting magazine or book.

I am not complaining though. As an attached mom, I make sure to read up on different parenting styles so that I am aware of a lot of things. As much as possible, I want to keep an open mind on a lot of things about motherhood.

With technology, it’s so easy for me to get hold of digital magazines right on my smart phone. I just love online magazines that focus on gentle, respectful parenting.

I am entertained at the same time; I am in the loop of things. As an attached mom, I find it very crucial to be in the know at all times.

One of the things that I have picked up from my daily habit of reading is how to make a baby sling. For some of you out there, you might think I’m crazy for even considering such a thing. I thought so too at the start. However when I read about it more and more, I realized it was best way to be stay attached to my baby, literally speaking that is.

I know the first thing that’s going to come to mind is safety. I understand that totally. I felt the same way as well. Why should I, or anyone for that matter, settle for a piece of cloth to secure my baby in when there are baby carriers that are a lot safer?

Believe me, I was really opting for a factory made baby carrier. I never even considered the sling. I just didn’t trust myself tying all those knots to keep my baby safe and secure. Then I learned more about it and gradually my feelings changed. For one thing, you can actually make a baby sling without having to tie any kind of knot.

Here’s a video that can help you keep an open mind about a baby sling. It not only teaches you how to tie a sling it actually teaches you how to make a sling out of old stretchy tee shirts. It’s quite radical but it’s, nonetheless, very interesting. If you think about it is pretty practical. Watch the video and keep an open mind about it. It really wouldn’t hurt.

So this is a really quick DIY baby carrier. What you need are a couple of stretchy t-shirts that you’re willing to cut and say good-bye to. A belly band from your pregnancy …

Yes, this baby sling is actually upcycled from old t-shirts. Before you panic, take a good look at how it’s made.

What you’re going to do is really simple. Take your t-shirt and you’re just gong to cut a straight line from underarm to underarm. Cut the neckline out of it completely and you should end up with a tube.

So with three stretchy tees, go on and cut them up now exactly the way it was described in the video. The good thing about this DIY is there’s no need to measure anything. Just lay the stretchy shirts flat down and cut each shirt from one underarm to another.

You will end with three pieces of tubes after you have cut each shirt. Now comes the fun part.

We’re going to put them on like a baby sash. I’ve got the hem closest to the top of my body that’s why it won’t get twisted and all.

Then you put on the other stretchy tube next on your other shoulder. At this point, you have you have two stretchy tubes on both shoulders forming an X in the middle of your body. Make sure the hem is on top again as to prevent the tube from twisting.

Now if you’re wondering where to put the third stretchy tube, well, it goes on your belly area. You put on as if you’re wearing a shirt; pulling it over your head and making sure it lands on your belly area.

So you have two stretchy tubes on each shoulder, forming an X on both your front and back. Then the third stretchy tube goes right on your belly area. At this point, your baby sling is all done.

Pick your baby up and sit them in the cross.

It’s important to secure baby. So spread out the tubes to support the back of your baby. Your baby gets the support from X formation of the tubes. Hence, it’s important that you spread out the stretchy tubes.

The third layer of support covers the bum bum area of the baby, securing the baby from the gap of the X formation. This final layer covers the baby’s back.

The great thing about this DIY stretchy sling is that the baby can easily gain access to mom’s milk without having to expose the breast. Of course, this particular stretchy sling is not recommended for long periods of time but it looks really fun to make it.

I really loved having a sling to carry my second son around in. I loved it so much that I learned how to make my own so that I could have a few different color options without buying a new one.

I even made a cute sling for a friend as her baby shower gift. A thick (she lived in the north), reversible sling that had soft pink roses on one side and vines on the other.

Making a sling can be really easy and inexpensive if you are decent at sewing. Even a beginner can pick up on the simple steps easily. Grab a few old sheets to practice with until you get it right.

Rixa of The True Face of Birth just shared the most beautiful and easy looking pattern to make a great pleated ring sling. She really took the time to lay out the steps for you one by one so that you won’t have to worry about what you do next.

And once you go over to check out the tutorial, be sure to hang out and read some more of her great posts. The birth junkies will definitely enjoy her posts on childbirth and a woman’s options. It is a topic I have seen with a lot of discussion lately, and I hope will soon be overturned.

So, head over to Rixa’s, enjoy the sling tutorial, and get a little educated on childbirth. It’s a great start to the week.

So you have more than enough ways and means to make your very own baby sling. Go ahead now, make your very own baby sling and enjoy having your baby next to you.



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    December 12, 2016

    It was nice of you to share the video. I watched it a couple of times so that I can come up with my very own sling as well. After all, the video made it looked so easy. Sadly, the one I came up with seemed too flimsy to secure my son in, I wouldn’t trust it. I guess I need to practice making it first.

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    November 29, 2016

    I find slings very convenient, I am able to do a lot of things other than attend to my baby. The coolest thing about it is that my baby is with me. I get to carry her around where ever I go. I don’t have to leave her in the crib and worry about her.

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