shanon-rOur kids mean the world to us. They may drive us nuts but they are everything to us. As parents, we want to give them everything, provide them with everything they need, and be there for them at all times. Yes, we just totally live for them.

As we strive very hard to be the best parents, we shouldn’t miss out these two important pillars of parenting.  Roots and wings.

This website is anchored on those two important pillars of parenting. Through this website, we want to share with you the happy, the sad, and even the funny moments of parenting. Along the way, you will realize that all these happy, sad, and funny moments make up the roots and wings of parenting.

So feel free to join us here and hopefully through it all, you will realize the true essence of parenting.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Shanon Rutherfield